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The Way of the Heart: The Most Fulfilling Way to Start Your New Year

As you enter 2019, do you find yourself wanting more space, freedom, joy, and creative expression in your life? Then this 9-Month Bhakti Yoga & Tantra immersion course was created just for you.

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Amy Barnes Yoga is the home of heart-centered Bhakti Yoga & Kundalini Tantra practices, currently located in Nashville, TN.  Please be welcome in any of our classes, workshops, and retreats. They are uniquely designed to awaken the creative spark within you:  to liberate and unify body, mind, and spirit. We offer Community Kirtan; singing and dancing to live music, where everyone is participating and celebrating the joy of being fully alive.


I am a seasoned yoga practitioner who began practicing at age 13 (1976) with my first beloved teacher June LaSalvia. A Nashville native, I grew up with a yogini/artist mother, and a father who was a Methodist minister & Civil Rights Activist; both parents being life long instigators and servants of social justice as well as musicians. My practice, teaching, and kirtan offerings are deeply rooted in Bhakti Yoga & Kundalini Tantra.


Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of devotion, love, and relationship, reconnecting with the longing in our hearts for true union. Through practices of sound, mantra, meditation, chanting/singing, dancing, and all forms of creative expression, we begin to reconnect with our own true nature, a Divine connection that may bring us a sense of peace, a feeling of being at home in ourselves. In this way, we actualize true interconnectedness.


KIRTAN (from the Sanskrit word “to praise/to glorify”) is an ancient practice of mantra chanting in a call-and-response format. The leader sings a line and the audience sings it back, building and blending until there is not a distinction between the chant and chanter. Everyone is part of the celebration, and everyone makes the MUSIC. As we surrender into our devotional lives, we become more sensitive and alive.


I offer individual 75- and 90-minute sessions that are specifically designed with regard to the unique needs and wholistic well being of the client. These sessions can be one-time appointments or ongoing, depending on what is in the best interest of the individual. I draw on my experience as a body-centered psychotherapist, group leader, intuitive, and long time yoga instructor.

I’ve known Amy for many years as a student and as a close friend. Over this period of time I’ve listened with wonder and joy as she has found her unique, personal voice in the world of Kirtan music. Amy is a beautiful, heart-full singer who possesses an aching, yearning and quite sensual devotional style. With her steel guitar and sultry voice she brings the country into the East and the East into the country.

Jai Uttal
San Anselmo, CA