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KIRTAN (from the Sanskrit word “to praise/ to glorify”) is an ancient practice of mantra chanting in a call and response format. The leader sings out a line, and the audience sings it back, building and blending until there is no longer any distinction between the chant and the chanter.

Please join us and experience your own “inner” version. Kirtan is a Sanskrit word meaning “to praise/to glorify”. It is a part of an ancient form of Yoga known as Bhakti, or the Yoga of Devotion. It arose from the mid-15th-century in India.

“Their message was simple: Cultivate joy. See the Divine in one another. In the eyes of Love, we are all the same.” Spoken by our friend and passionate kirtan leader, Dave Stringer.

Amy’s mentor Jai Uttal says: “Kirtan is for all people. There are no experts, no beginners. The practice itself is the teacher, guiding us to ourselves. Kirtan allows us to enter into a mystery world – a world where all the logic of our minds, all the condition and learning are left outside. And in this mystery, we create a temple inside of our hearts, a place of refuge, a place of love, a place of just being.” Sound good?

“As we surrender into our devotional lives, we become more sensitive, aware, and alive. Embodying & radiating this awareness helps us respond to ourselves and others from a natural and authentic state of kindness. Living in this way, in Divine Service, transforms our lives, our relationship with all sentient beings and global communities, into a more loving and joyful experience.”
~Amy Barnes

Host a Kirtan Event in Your Hometown

Would you like to know more about or attend a Music Mantra Meditation class, workshop, or Community Kirtan? Perhaps you’d like to host? Let me know your vision/ideas or any questions you may have and I’ll get in touch with you shortly.


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