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Greetings and Pranams!

Transitioning home from 2 months in the Motherland of India, my Tennessee legs have almost come back. It’s quite a process!

I notice the denseness of this material world seeming more permeable than before, and I experience a little more humor & lightness in response to the high levels of ambiguity & uncertainty in daily life.

Oh, what to do with this wild & precious life? Shopping in Whole Foods I really feel the impact of “reverse culture shock”…especially when I get to the cash register! I’m acutely aware of the societal pressure and expectation to produce, achieve, and succeed. It seems to require a strong inner connection not to get caught up in those external forces, fast paced rhythm, and stress. Attempting to embody natural inner rhythm and balance with outer demand is quite a dance. The Human/Divine play of the material & spirit world continues.

My entire journey was infused with unceasing mercy and grace…AND, there is no place like home. My first hot bath after washing from buckets for weeks was indescribably delicious. I wonder how many buckets it takes to fill this tub? Swami Satyananda Saraswati says, “Luxury and comfort weaken the will and keep one under constant hypnosis. Alcohol and drugs are not as dangerous as total slavery to luxury and comfort.” I find this to be an interesting exploration. I am totally grateful for my American creature comforts, and bow down to these experiences & opportunities of living without them for a while. My prayers for deepening devotion and humility were most certainly answered, in various & colorful ways. My first 2 weeks at the Devipuram Ashram in Andra Pradesh, serving as kirtan walli for an LA yoga training group, brought so many gifts & blessings from the Holy Mother to share.

My time in Tiruvanamalai, walking barefoot up the Shiva fire mountain of Arunachala , meditating in the ancient caves with the spirit of the great saint, Ramana Maharshi, is still vibrating in my heart & bones. My dear friend Corrine and her husband Satya, were beyond kind & generous to offer me a room and feed me food from the Indian gods!…Satya’s brother, is one of the greatest cooks I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

My time in Vrindavan was completely transforming. Following the longing in my heart to connect with the roots of kirtan in the Holy Dham (place) of Krsna & Radha’s lilas, fed my soul in a way I can’t explain. Chanting maha mantra through small villages and “begging roti” was not anything I had even imagined. Going to Neem Karoli Baba’s ashram felt like home. I was blessed to receive the darshan of “Little Maharajji”, who is said to be around 150 years old!

I am looking forward to singing the Holy Name with all of you very soon, and sharing what is overflowing from my heart in upcoming classes and workshops, .

I will be offering additional Sri Chakra classes in the near future. Please sign up for the emailing list to find out about all upcoming classes, workshops, & kirtans.

Sri Chakra ~ the Wish Fulfilling Tree
This offering of classes is grounded in Kundalini Tantra & Bhakti Yoga practices.  Each session is designed to awaken the sacred energy of each chakra, illuminating the entire spinal channel, Sashumna, and blossoming the wish fulfilling tree of the heart. We will cultivate our intentions, our heart’s longing, (Sankalpa) as the guiding center of all our efforts, connecting with the inner Source of our creativity, gifts, & life purpose.  Each session will include elements of sacred sound and mantra chanting, asana & creative movement , kriya, pranayama, puja/ritual, offerings & prayer… ordinary magic making!

These classes are created for those who want to deepen, enrich, & integrate their inner & outer devotional lives; increasing one’s capacity to contain expansive states of awareness, joy, and energy; living in the grace of self responsibility.  Blissfulness and being fully alive is our true nature.  Why live any other way?

Please email me with any questions or to sign up for the Living Yoga email list.
I am also available for individual sessions.

Sending love, appreciation, and sparkling Shakti Ma to you. Jai Sri Radhe Radhe Radhe Shyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!
Blessings & LOVE,

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