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I have had the pleasure of being a member of Samavayah for many kirtans. And I’ve had the pleasure of Amy singing in my band. Amy is one of the dearest, most intelligent, gifted and lovely persons I have known. She gives such a high quality of listening and offers selfless, honest feedback that is always full of love. She gathers great people, leads gently, clearly, joyfully. And just as well, she follows gently, clearly, joyfully. She sings with great passion and can improvise wonderfully. It is a delight to experience her music. She laughs and dances with complete freedom. Her home, how she dresses, her treatment of others, her life are all great works of art that express courage, sensitivity and heart. She is an extraordinary woman and I love her without reservation like the best soul sister she is.

Ed Haggard, Love Drums/Nashville, TN