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A bhakti yoga weekend retreat with Amy Barnes more than amazed me. It fulfilled my deepest desire to find a teacher of the yoga path that lights up my soul fire…and right here in Tennessee ! How wonderful indeed! Her “bhakti soup” cooks up so artfully the blend of yogas – the fluid, flowing hatha, pranayama breathing, repetition of mantras to music, and the bhakti, the yoga of love and devotion expressed through her presence, voice and healing touch. It makes for a totally unique and integrated experience that took many if not all of the participants, myself included, to new highs, expansions, and ecstasy.

I’ve been up close to many masters and heavy-duty spiritual teachers, feeling their darshan. The feeling that Amy exudes is right up there with the best of them, imbued with her special musical talent and the vibrations of all of her teachers, and the delightful essence of Shakti. We are very fortunate to have her presence in our area. If passion for the Divine is your calling, she might just be the one with whom to fly to the Higher Planes of existence.

Kathleen Rosemary, Summertown, TN