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A note to Amy’s mother … P.S. Amy’s workshop on Sunday was a nice gift of time and energy on a busy day and the first Sunday of Advent.  She is, like you, both amazing and inspiring in many ways – both of you have the most wonderful eyes and smiles and helpful voices.

Thank you again for shining your beautiful light with your yoga, your song, your energy ~ it is an incredible sensation to gather together and sing God’s names.  It is powerful and think of how much of it you spread around by charging & waking up us lucky & blessed beings. Nashville is a better place to live because of it!  When we sang “shakti shakti shakti” wooh!  I had a surge up my left side. Good stuff honey ~ I will be there for the fire ceremony, thank you for passing it along ~ and for helping me to open up more fully to life … my heart.

Love & Light!