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Dear Amy –

I have taken your class several times at Sanctuary and have come to two of your kirtans.  I am moving back home to NYC in a week, and will unfortunately miss the upcoming kirtan.  I just wanted you to know I think you are one of the most lovely and fantastic teachers out there. Your classes are absolutely uplifting and renewing and every other superlative that one associates with the best teaching!  It is clear that your students love you and that you love what you do.

I just wanted to send you a quick note of appreciation for this afternoon’s amazing experience.  You must know what incredible gifts and talents you possess, truly. And to share them as openly as you do is really a blessing for all who are there to participate. I was especially intrigued by the meditation you introduced … disrupting the ruts of our minds and body. I had a recent experience of energy work and was told all my energy stays in my head-that I have created ‘ruts’ of mind activity. Must be a word for me to pay attention to.

Amy Barnes, thank you for sharing your intuition, experiences, and touch. You are making a difference.

With love.
Kristi Hargrove

Kristi Hargrove